Key Stage 4 Curriculum Implementation

Subjects at KS4 are allocated the following curriculum time across a fortnightly timetable:

Subject Year 10 and 11 Allotted Curriculum Periods
English 10
Maths 9
Science 11
PE 4
Humanities Choice (History or Geography) 6
French 6
Other Options Choice 6
Personal Development Programme 6

Option Choices

Additional subjects in the KS4 curriculum are determined by the Pathway and Options Process carried out in Term 3 in Year 9:

Please find the full list of KS4 courses offered.

In devising our Key Stage 4 curriculum, we have ensured that:

  • Our curriculum offer is broad and balanced, exceeds the requirements of the National Curriculum and meets the needs of all our learners 
  • Students are fully guided and supported through an extensive pathway and options process to make the most suitable personal choices
  • There are many extra-curricular activities offered to support students personal development
  • Students are set according to ability in Maths, English, Science to unpackage the learning and facilitate targeted support for the most and least able
  • All students have access to GCSE English Language and Literature, Maths and Science (Combined or Triple GCSE) a Humanity (Geography or History), core PE and PSHRE
  • All non-GCSE courses are high-quality Level 2 equivalent officially recognised qualifications
  • Students who speak another language at home are supported to sit it as a GCSE in school
  • Students can opt to take all three separate sciences at GCSE level
  • Students are supported in the Basics by being offered additional English or Maths for specific intervention purposes
  • Students who are performing below Level 1 are able to access lessons, supported by the SEND team, and take the equivalent Entry Level qualification as part of our personal development programme
  • The Year 10 PSHRE programme includes a Work Experience module so that students can experience life in the world of work
  • The Year 11 PSHRE programme includes an extensive Careers topic so that students receive guided Post-16 choices
  • Most of our Extra-curricular activities are delivered in the main through several key areas:
    • Combined Cadet Force 
    • The Orchid Project
    • Music
    • Drama club and productions
    • Sports teams
    • Outdoor education which operates alongside the CCF offering Duke of Edinburgh Bronze and Gold, Ten Tors
    • History and Politics students regularly take part in the Model UN Conference run for local schools in BaNES
    • Maths challenge across the Trust schools