Key Stage 3 Curriculum Implementation

Subjects at KS3 are allocated the following curriculum time, the timetable runs over a fortnight and each period is 50 minutes long:

Subject Year 7 Allotted Curriculum Periods Year 8 Allotted Curriculum Periods Year 9 Allotted Curriculum Periods
English 9 9 9
Maths 9 9 9
Science 10 10 10
French 5 5 5
Geography 4 4 4
History 4 4 4
Philosophy and Belief (Religious Studies) 2 2 2
Art 2 2 2
Computing 2 2 2
Drama 2 2 2
Design Technology 3 3 3
Music 2 2 2
PE 4 4 4
PSHRE 2 2 2

In devising our Key Stage 3 curriculum, we have ensured that:

  • Our curriculum offer is broad and balanced and exceeds the requirements of the National Curriculum
  • Drama is offered in addition to the National Curriculum to ensure that our students are given opportunities to develop confidence (inline with our key school values) and regularly perform
  • Drama is also used as a vehicle for PSHE delivery, tackling many personal development themes
  • Students have daily Reading time to encourage a love of reading and to develop their literacy skills, so that they have the skills and competences to succeed
  • Students are set on entry in Year 7 in all subjects and this is led by Maths, English, Science and Languages so that they can receive immediate support, stretch and challenge
  • As students make rapid progress, the academic subjects such as English, Maths, Science, History, Geography and Languages, provide our students with stretch and challenge in Year 9 by providing them with a taste of GCSE knowledge around the time of them taking their options to help inform their choices. This also ensures that they can continue to exceed the national requirements and incorporate more challenging work in later years
  • Our PSHRE programme places a large emphasis on healthy relationships, and the Year 7 programme is designed to ensure that we have the time to cover friendship issues in Year 7
  • Online safety is addressed annually, through the PSHRE and Computing programme of study
  • Our students have the opportunity to master a new skill, take up a new challenge and develop their confidence in an area that sits outside of the mainstream curriculum through our extra curricular activities. This goes along way towards inspiring them to achieve in all aspects of their school life
  • Most of our Extra-curricular activities are delivered in the main through several key areas:
    • Combined Cadet Force 
    • The Orchid Project
    • Music
    • Drama club and productions
    • Sports teams
    • Outdoor education which operates alongside the CCF offering Duke of Edinburgh Bronze and Gold, Ten Tors
    • History and Politics students regularly take part in the Model UN Conference run for local schools in BaNES
    • Maths challenge across the Trust schools