Work Experience

Work Experience

The important thing about work experience is that it provides an opportunity for you to get to understand the world of work.  While work experience may enhance your knowledge and help with your course, it can also help you find out more about a job or industry, leading to more informed decisions when you leave school or university.

How do I arrange a work placement?

If you need any support or would like work experience in a specific company/industry area please contact Mrs Pascoe, Head of Careers ( who will be able to help.  We have access to a database of employer contacts, as well as details of alumni (former students) who may be able to help with opportunities or advice and you can also search online to find suitable placements.

Why should I do a work placement?

The outcomes of work experience include:

  • clarifying your own career goals
  • gaining an insight into the way organisations operate and the challenges they face
  • increasing your skills and knowledge
  • networking
  • understanding a particular job or industry

The benefits of work experience can include:

  • a supervisor who might be able to act as a referee for you in future job applications
  • attendance at in-company training courses
  • subsidised travel or lunches
  • Offer of a job or apprenticeship