Programme of Study

Programme of Study

Learn, develop and grow

It’s not just the great results that make Writhlington the Sixth Form of choice – it’s everything else we do, the little things that make the difference to you now and in the future.

Our programme of study creates open minded, inquisitive, independent young people with the confidence to go and make an impact on the world. We pride ourselves in having:

  • an outstanding tutor programme, focusing on the A Level Mindset
  • 15 minutes of DEAR time (reading for pleasure) at the start of every day
  • fortnightly Life Skills sessions
  • Wednesday afternoons with university style enrichment
  • opportunities for work experience in Years 12 and 13
  • opportunity to start Sixth Form with a four day residential trip and undertake the National Citizenship Service.


You can choose from a broad programme of study.  The entry requirements are 5 GCSEs from 4-9 including English and Maths, but we ask for 6-9 for A Level subjects. You can mix and match from a combination of A levels and Applied Learning Courses.  If you can’t find what you are looking for please ask us as we continually update and develop the range of course we offer in response to the requests of students who apply each year.

A Level courses:

Applied Subjects:

In addition to classical subjects we also offer an extensive extra-curricular and Life Skills programme, aimed at nurturing your social, physical and mental well-being

We also run a Level 3 Childcare course which is equivalent to 3 A Levels

In exceptional circumstances we may admit a student without Level 4 in Maths or English, in which case there is a requirement to resit.

Choose either 3 or 4 subjects from option blocks A, B, C, D (only one subject per option block)


Choose 1 option only from option block E (each of these is equivalent to a full time Sixth Form course)


It is why our students are happy and thrive and go on to do amazing things in all variety of settings

All our students are supported in their studies to make as best progress possible.  Students with a Special Educational Need are supported in and outside of lessons through differentiated work and word processing / exam support if required.  All SEN students in the Sixth Form have a 1-2-1 meeting on a regular basis with our dedicated HLTA who helps to track their progress and can support with intervention on an individual basis.  This ensures that students have a personalised programme of support throughout their Sixth Form studies.

If you are worried about your son/daughter and feel as though they have a SEN, then please do not hesitate to contact the SENCO in school, or a member of the Sixth Form team.