Mobile Device Management (MDM) User FAQ

What is ZuluDesk?

ZuluDesk is a Mobile Device Management (MDM) service that will allow us to provide increased student safeguarding and control.

Why do we need the ZuluDesk service?

As mobile devices become more powerful, so does their use in school.  As a result, we have to consider them similar to traditional computers and implement appropriate controls in order to protect students from harmful material online and provide increased levels of usability to aid teaching and learning.  To make this possible, ZuluDesk will enforce restrictions that change the way certain functions on iPads work.

What restrictions does ZuluDesk put in place?

  • Year 7’s will only be able to use school approved apps during 8:40am to 3:10pm Monday to Friday, putting the focus on curriculum-approved apps.  If a student is absent for a period of time and is affected by this, please contact the school using the Contact page and choose the subject iPad Enquiries.  Students will not be affected by this during half-term.
  • All students are subject to the following Media Content restrictions that govern what media is accessible via the Apple App Store, iTunes Store, iBooks and Apple Music:
    • Movies: U (Suitable for all audiences) rated movies are allowed
    • Apps: Apps rated for 12+ year olds are allowed
    • Music: Explicit music and podcasts is disallowed
    • iBooks: Pornographic material is disallowed
  • All students are subject to built-in Apple web filters.  This best-effort solution filters inappropriate websites inside and outside of school
  • All student iPads will have a Lock Screen Message that details instructions if the iPad is lost.

Will ZuluDesk record what websites I visit?

No, Writhlington School does not record this information when the iPad is outside of school.

Will this require that I have a passcode on my device?

Yes, a passcode will be required on your iPad.  In most cases, a passcode will already be setup on your iPad.  Where this isn’t the case, your iPad will ask you to provide a passcode.  If you ever forget your passcode, our IT Services team is able to use ZuluDesk to remove the forgotten passcode from the iPad.

Do I need to backup my iPad prior to installing ZuluDesk?

Students who purchased their iPad through the iPad Portal will already have ZuluDesk setup.  Students who are using their personal iPad will need to backup anything that is important to them as ZuluDesk will require that the iPad is reset to factory defaults.

Are you going to be able to use this to access everything on my iPad?

No, ZuluDesk is not spyware.  ZuluDesk will provide Writhlington School with basic information such as what apps are installed and storage usage.

Where can I find out more about ZuluDesk?

Please contact the school using the Contact page and choose the subject iPad Enquiries.