Special Educational Needs

Special Educational Needs

Supporting Every Student

At Writhlington we are committed to supporting every student to access a high quality education that meets their ability, interests and aspirations and which enables them to enjoy success in their learning.  The SEN department has particular regard for students with needs which require provision that is different from or additional to that made generally for students of the same age. This includes those with learning difficulties or a disability.  For these students to achieve their full potential, we must recognise these difficulties and plan accordingly.  Writhlington aims to provide all students with a broad, balanced, relevant and differentiated curriculum.

We believe that every child should have equal access to the educational opportunities offered by the school and that the  potential of each student should be encouraged to the full.  Skills and talents should be developed through a range of inclusive activities to enable the individual to mature and to share a sense of  responsibility.

‘High quality teaching that is differentiated and personalised will meet the individual needs of the majority of children. Some children need educational provision that is additional and different to this.’

This is special educational provision under Section 21 of the Children and Families Act 2014.

Aims & Objectives

As a school we will endeavour to:

  1. ensure that each student is able to access a broad and balanced curriculum which is relevant to his/her specific needs;
  2. promote positive attitudes and individual confidence, ensuring all children experience success;
  3. identify, assess, record and regularly review students’ special educational needs;
  4. fully involve parents and students in the support given to those with special needs;
  5. ensure that every teacher is prepared to respond to the special educational needs of each student with support from specialist staff;
  6. work collaboratively with relevant outside agencies

SEND Information Report 2021/22

SEN Governors Report 2020/21

CLA Governors Report 2020/21

School Policies


Information about services available for young people up to the age of 25 with SEND can be found at the links below:

B&NES local offer

Somerset local offer

Wiltshire local offer


Parents/carers are always welcome to contact Linda Zuanella, Special Educational Needs and Disabilities Coordinator on 01761 433581 ext 6077 or lzuanella@writhlington.org.uk