‘The Writhlington Way’


Creating Opportunity  ——— Inspiring Achievement

Writhlington has a proud history of success across all aspects of school life. We are a forward-looking school and aim for our students to have confidence and the necessary skills to play a full and active part in a rapidly changing world. We care deeply about all those that are part of the school community and know that our greatest resource is our people. We are determined to support students to have the highest aspirations in all that they do, to never accept second best, but also to be conciliatory, kind, wise and understanding of others.  This is reflected in our curriculum statement which aims to develop students with a growth mindset who are respectful, aspirational, resilient and communicative. We equip them with the skills, knowledge and understanding needed to be successful in life and fulfil their ambitions.  

We promote excellence in the classroom and expect outstanding behaviour from all students. We challenge students to be dedicated to their studies and support them to achieve greatness across all aspects of school life. Writhlington is a school where the curriculum is rigorous and where inspiration and insight are rewarded. We achieve our aims by promoting the development of the whole person, their individual skills and enjoyment of learning.  We create opportunity and our students participate fully in the life of the school, from the Combined Cadet Force to school councils, from sport to the Arts and from the Duke of Edinburgh Award to our internationally renowned Orchid project. 

At Writhlington School we inspire achievement and support students to succeed in a safe and healthy learning environment. Through an innovative, personalised and challenging curriculum, all students can succeed and make a positive contribution. We believe in nurturing all our students to ensure they are equipped for success in a rapidly changing world. They will be confident and independent learners, equipped with the necessary social and technological and leadership skills to be effective participants in society. They will be honest, polite and tolerant of others. 

We value the voice of all our stakeholders as this helps us to be a truly reflective school. In summary, our vision is for Writhlington School to be a fully inclusive community with outstanding outcomes so that all students have the best possible life opportunities.

Creating Opportunity  ——– Inspiring Achievement

At Writhlington School the curriculum intent is clear. The school has a robust, broad and balanced curriculum with all pupils accessing the full National Curriculum at Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4. Subject leaders work hard to ensure relevant learning is planned logically, to allow progression over time.

All Teachers use the ‘Writhlington Way’ when planning and delivering lessons which focus all staff on a few key priorities. 

The four key areas of focus are:

  1. Challenge for all
  2. High Expectations
  3. Differentiation
  4. Developing Long-term memory

In each of these areas, there are key actions to take.

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