Year 7 History Trip to Chepstow Castle and Tintern Abbey

May 17th, 2022 | School News

On a glorious sunny day in May, the whole of Year 7 at Writhlington School boarded their coaches and ventured across the Severn to visit two venerable medieval sites in Wales – Chepstow Castle and Tintern Abbey.

At Chepstow Castle, the students were able to explore the ruins, climb towers and descend into cellars as they tried to understand the significance of the site for demonstrating military and political power, dating back to the Norman Conquest nearly a thousand years earlier.

A few miles down the road at Tintern, the students wandered around the ruins of a Cistercian abbey, imagining what life might have been like for the monks and lay brothers who dedicated their lives to prayer until the dissolution of the monasteries under King Henry VIII.

This was a fantastic way for the Year 7 students to deepen their understanding of the Medieval History course they have been studying, hopefully fuelling their desire to learn more about the past.

Many thanks to the members of staff who worked tirelessly to guide their groups of students around each site and for the students who received words of praise from the staff at Tintern Abbey for their politeness, behaviour and enthusiasm.