Writhlington Schools’ Orchid Project students win RHS Gold and Best in Show

March 30th, 2022 | School News

Students from Writhlington School and the Mendip Studio School are celebrating winning the top prizes at the Royal Horticultural Society’s Annual Orchid Show this week.

The student’s display featured more than 100 orchids grown by them in their famous orchid greenhouse and included some spectacular plants. Jonah, aged 15, explained “Our best orchid was a giant specimen of Dendrobium thyrsiflorum with hundreds of flowers and this plant won the trophy for Best Specimen Orchid.”

The display was awarded a prestigious RHS Gold Medal and students were commended for the quality of their plants, the creativity of their display and the extraordinary endeavour it represents.

For many of the students this was their first major show. Mylee, Year 7, described the show as “Really exciting. More than 12 000 people visited the show and they all wanted to know all about the Orchid Project and how we grow our orchids.”

Teacher Simon Pugh-Jones was impressed by the confidence shown by the student team. “The public are keen to hear about how students grow their award winning orchids and even the youngest students were eager to describe how they water, re-pot and grow their famous collection. I am proud of our students’ professionalism and stamina. They have inspired a lot of people to grow orchids, and are a credit to themselves and their schools.”

The next event for the orchid project students is the Glasgow Botanic Garden Orchid Fair at the Kibble Palace in April and students are already working hard to ensure that their orchids are ready for winning more trophies.