Raising The Game

December 15th, 2020 | School News Sports News

“Every challenge faced is a learning experience” says Beck Stoan, Senior Foundation Coach, when describing Bath Rugby Foundation’s ‘Raising The Game’ programme. 

Beck and her team have been spending time at Writhlington delivering the nine week course that aims to build confidence, resilience and perseverance through a mixture of classroom workshops and outdoor enrichment activities. Beck explains that the sessions focus on building a positive mental attitude by learning to embrace any challenges that are presented both during the sessions and beyond. 

Using one hour of sport and one of applied “brainology”, participants will develop a growth mindset which will enable the students to have a positive attitude towards their learning. Skills learned throughout the sessions provide the pupils with an opportunity to improve their academic attainment and maximise their learning in a classroom setting.

To learn more about the Raising the Game programme visit their website here.