Literacy Support for Year 7

December 9th, 2020 | School News

Writhlington have introduced a new online resource for Year 7 students called myON, Renaissance Learning’s Digital Library. All Y7 students have had guidance from their tutors for login using their own usernames and passwords.

This Digital Library is available to students anytime, anywhere, as long as they have a device with an internet browser. Just go to or download the app and there are thousands of exciting books available instantly.

There is a high proportion of non-fiction (information) books, also short fiction books, graphic novels and a selection of challenging classic fiction. The information books cover a very wide range of interests: really useful for ‘just interested’ or research.

We will kick off Accelerated Reader next term and a huge benefit is that when Y7 students have their ZPD (Accelerated Reader reading range), myON will recommend books to the student according to their interests and within their reading ability range – and then prompt them to take a quiz to check their understanding.

Another benefit of myON is the Literacy support offered. For example, many of the books have audio so that students can listen while they follow the text. They can also enlarge the pages, use dictionary tools, make notes in their own journal, and create their own reading lists. myON remembers the last book they read, and where they got to. It also tells students how much time they have spent reading and how many pages they have read in the session. Students can even download up to twenty books to read offline.

This brilliant resource can be used by students but is particularly useful for those who prefer to read non-fiction and less confident readers who would like to improve their reading skills. Please encourage your child to log in and have a look at what’s available – if they are a reluctant reader, this site may well have them enjoying reading!