Greta T – an eco collaboration

July 10th, 2020 | School News

Since lockdown began, there has been an environmental improvement in pollution levels. Climate change and the green revolution still remain relevant to ensure that this improvement is not lost. This means that we still need to work to recycle, reduce and responsibly dispose of our waste. This means not leaving rubbish behind as happened recently when travel restrictions eased.

Greta Thunberg raised awareness about the environmental issues the world faces. She led the call for action by world leaders. 

Before lockdown several of our students worked hard to make a collaborative piece of dance and film. Students represent the energy of Greta Thunberg and shows their response to the climate crisis. Some of these students have never danced before, ever. They experimented with different ideas and movement in an original and expressive way.

The premiere took place as part of our Science Week assemblies. We hope you enjoy this talented piece as much as we do.

Video (you will be directed to YouTube)