Writhlington School Celebrates British Science Week

April 2nd, 2020 | School News

Writhlington celebrated British Science Week (9-13 March) in style for the first time this year.  During the week all students in Years 7 to 9 participated in workshops run by the University of West of England. 

They learnt about the presence of microplastics in everyday products and how traces of these products end up in the sea when they get washed away down the drain.  Here they can then have a damaging effect on plankton and other wildlife living in our oceans. In another workshop students learnt forensic techniques such as fingerprinting and blood testing to help them solve a crime.  Lastly some of our older students learnt how our genes code for different proteins and how errors in the decoding process can sometimes lead to inherited disorders.


All students were thoroughly engaged in these workshops and learnt new science techniques which they can apply in their everyday science lessons.  Additionally students examined how scientists are able to survive and work in the Antarctic, they discussed the possibility of reintroducing wolves to the Scottish Highlands and the impact this might have on local people, as well as learning a bit more about the current Coronavirus and why handwashing is so effective at stopping the infection from spreading.

Running alongside these practical sessions all students created posters on the theme of ‘Our Diverse Planet’ as part of their geography flashback homework.  We received lots and lots of fantastic work; it was clear that students had really enjoyed creating their posters and had spent a lot of time and effort producing some beautiful work.  The best posters were displayed at school for everyone to enjoy. Seventeen posters were then selected as runners up before 5 overall winners were chosen. These have been sent to the British Science Association where they will be judged as part of the national competition.  Our winning entries were absolutely stunning: congratulations, Rosie Norris (Year 7), Freya Garrett (Year 8), Caitlin Hannums (Year 9), Eve Branson (Year 9) and Team 7×1 (Suzanna Roberts, George Lowe, Arthur Porter and Josh Douthwaite). We have our fingers crossed and hope your work does well.  Tree planting and bird box building prizes will be completed once we are all back at school.