Vital Art Presents Tabea Debus Live at Writhlington

December 3rd, 2019 | School News Vital Art

Our own Writhlington Music Club, Vital Art, put on another wonderful concert in the atrium on Wednesday 27 November, this time with the lovely recorder player Tabea Debus, who performed with viol player Jonathan Rees and Theorbo player Alex McCartney.

In-School Activities

Tabea and Jonathan held a rehearsal during lesson time which was a treat for the whole school. Meanwhile, Alex McCartney was on travelling to Writhlington from Glasgow!

Year 7 had a great time with Tabea as she showed them her many recorders of different sizes and styles. Jonathan showed students his viol (which is a small double bass with six strings and not a cello). Following demonstrations, lucky volunteers had an opportunity to have a go on the instruments. Tabea and Jonathan played some of their music and everyone took part in a body percussion session. 

Vital Art Performance

Tabea Debus

The concert itself was an interesting mix of all different instruments and periods of music. The theme of the evening was ‘earworms’ – pieces of music that keep playing in your head once you hear them. Tabea played two modern pieces written specifically for her, one of which was only a couple of weeks old. The concert also included dances and songs from the Renaissance and Baroque eras.

The string instruments played by Jonathan and Alex were all older instruments that are no longer in our orchestras mostly because the new instruments are louder. The recorders played by Tabea were beautifully complemented by the gentler sounds of the viol with its gut strings and the twelve-stringed theorbo with its huge long neck.

The Vital Art members came with their families on a cold, wet and dark evening and, at the end, some took the chance to play the viol and theorbo which was fun. It took a long time for everyone to leave!

I thought the performance was great. I didn’t know a recorder could sound so nice. It was great fun to talk with the musicians after the show, they even allowed us to play their viol and theorbo! — Helen

Vital Art Future Events

The next Vital Art event is after Christmas on 28 January when Writhlington will be hosting the fabulous Benjamin Baker on the violin and Daniel Lebhardt accompanying on the piano. Both musicians are international artists of considerable standing who have toured the world together and separately, winning awards and prizes. For information, please go to


To Join Vital Art

Members of the Vital Art Club can bring themselves and any member of their family or step-family for £1 per ticket. This is currently only open to members of the Writhlington School community, all pupils and all staff.

To join Vital Art, go to ParentPay on the school website and choose Vital Art membership.