Vital Art presents an exciting live music opportunity to Writhlington

September 26th, 2019 | Creative Arts School News Vital Art

Last year, thanks to the generosity and support of Lady Evelyn Strasburger, our students were able to experience the thrill and spine-tingle of hearing young professional musicians play live.  The students and staff found it uplifting and inspirational to see what young people can achieve with hard work and commitment; we had a taste of this last summer with a residency for several days culminating in an evening performance from Konya and Braimah Kanneh-Mason and we wanted more! 

Lady Strasburger is passionate about the value of live, high quality music and is launching a new charitable initiative called Vital Art.  

“I feel that classical music is for everyone, and it angers me that not everyone has the opportunity to enjoy this rich and emotionally rewarding art form and others feel excluded.  The benefits of learning to play a musical instrument are huge, but even listening to music of order and rhythm has a calming influence in our visual age and helps to rebalance our brains.  My work at Writhlington and with students elsewhere shows time and time again that once young people are offered high quality music they respond with wonder and enthusiasm.” – Lady Strasburger

Students at Writhlington School have the opportunity to be part of the Vital Art Club for an annual subscription of £15.  For the whole academic year, for club members, there will be access to seven high quality concerts at a cost of £1 per ticket for the child and any members of the immediate family, including grandparents and step-families. 

The artists will be inspirational young role models who are en route to playing in major venues in Bristol but have agreed to “stop-off” to perform at Writhlington.  They are young musicians of real quality including former BBC Young Musician finalists and soloists who have played with major international orchestras.

“I do urge you to support this as it is a great opportunity for your child.  We want our children to be aspirational and have access to high quality cultural experiences that do not normally present themselves on our doorstep.” Mark Everett, Headteacher


What is the Vital Art Club?

For just £15 your child will be have a family membership to the club.  This one-off annual fee gives access to seven performances over the coming months at £1 per ticket for family members.  Family members eligible for £1 tickets include parents, siblings and grandparents – step families are included.


Who are the artists for 2019/20?

October:  Ben Goldsheider, Horn Player and  Richard Uttley, Pianist

November:  Tabea Debus – Recorder Player, Alex McCartney – Lute Player, Jonathan Rees – Cellist

January: Ben Baker, Violinist and Daniel Lebhardt, Pianist

February: Guiseppe Guarrera, Pianist

March: Jamil Aliyev, Cellist, Pianist to be announced

June: Manus Noble, Guitarist

July: Konya Kanneh-Mason, Pianist, Braimah Kanneh-Mason, Violinist


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I join?  

Please choose Vital Art Annual Membership from ParentPay – cost £15

How do I get tickets for the concerts?  

Tickets for Ben Goldshieder concert on Friday 11 October are also available to purchase now on ParentPay.  Please only purchase the £1 tickets if you have already purchased the annual membership and will use the tickets for immediate family.

Can I come to the concerts if I don’t join the club?  

Yes of course.  Pay for a normal price ticket (£12), but remember if you want to see just two performances you will be better off being a member, or if you are bringing family members, just join the club even for 1 performance and bring the family.  Those not eligible for membership and reduced tickets are welcome at the normal ticket price.

How can I find out more?  

Please visit the Vital Art website.

Vital Art will be registering as a charity in due course and we would like this to be a vibrant and ongoing part of life for the local community.  Please support us.