MedSoc investigates pellets

June 18th, 2019 | School News

Huge thanks must go to our resident falconer, Julian Frost of ABee Pest Control, who came to MedSoc to show the students his Simien Hawk, Harris Hawk and Eagle Owl. The students were fascinated to learn about the different ways the birds were adapted to catch prey in their native environments.

The students then dissected owl pellets – the regurgitated undigested parts of an owl’s meal – to work out what they ate. We had fun trying to piece the skeletons back together and to identify what animals were eaten by looking at their skulls.

Students learnt loads and had a lot of fun! “This is actually the most fun ever!” “I really wanted a bird of prey and now I really do.”

Next week we will be dissecting rats to learn about internal anatomy. Come along – Mondays ST1 3.15pm’