Year 10 student helps U16 Bristol Rovers win Severn Bridge Cup

May 15th, 2019 | School News

On Friday 10 May our football mad student, Evander, took to the field for Bristol Rovers in front of 500 strong crowd.  The team worked hard to secure their cup victory against local rivals Bristol City.

Daf Williams, Lead Youth Development Phase 15s-16s Coach said


It’s a fantastic experience for all involved, something that these young players will always remember,

The U16 players who have received scholars and will join the U18s next season showed quality and maturity throughout. Also involved was a number of U15s, one U14, and our sub Goalkeeper who’s a U13. They will learn so much from the experience, and it’s great for their development moving forward.

It wasn’t a pretty spectacle, however the way the boys represented this football club, as they have all season in fairness, was fantastic. The non-negotiables were there for everyone to witness, and they fought ever so hard to get a well-deserved victory.

The full match report is available on Bristol Rover’s website.

Photograph courtesy of Bristol Rovers.