What do you get if you cross a Forensic Scientist, a Financial Advisor and an Architect?

February 23rd, 2018 | School News

What do you get if you cross a Forensic Scientist, a Financial Advisor and an Architect? – Careers Fortnight!

A two-week focus brought together employers and professionals from a huge variety of backgrounds. Students were invited to attend workshops, Question and Answer sessions and inspirational talks aimed at professions they may consider in the future.

Year 9 student, Maja commented:

‘I was invited to attend a talk from a local GP, Ms Duffy. I really appreciated the insight that was given into her area of work and how she got there. When I leave school I hope to be a GP or psychologist so her talk really affected my future as I now know how I can achieve that. I was especially inspired by the part where she discussed having an impact on people’s lives – I can’t wait to start my path to becoming a GP.’

Head Boy, George Millms commented:

‘I really enjoyed the opportunity to meet Jacob Rees-Mogg. To be able to ask a current MP how they tackle the day to day challenges of being a representative of such a diverse constituency, as well as finding out a little more about his perspective on current political events. Not only was it extremely informative but inspiring with regards to potential careers in politics.’

Raising aspirations was at the core of the fortnight, allowing students to gain insight into careers and employability paths they might not have known or considered before.

Head of Careers, Emma Pascoe, commented:

“We were delighted by the incredible support from our parents, local and international companies who came into take part in our two week careers focus.  I was very pleased that our students engaged with the guests with enthusiasm, thoughtful questions and active participation during assemblies, Q&A sessions and the lessons they visited.  It was a fantastic two weeks”

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