A little backstage magic!

February 8th, 2018 | School News

Nurturing students passions beyond their studies is part of what makes us unique. This is no truer than for Sixth Form Students Joe Owen-Pinkney and Will Holmes.

Joe commented:

Being part of the Theatre has transformed my school experience. You create professional relationships with staff and take ownership of projects that benefit the school community. It leaves you with a real sense of belonging and I know it’s going to be really hard to say goodbye.  I have learned valuable life skills that can’t be taught in the classroom and I could not encourage anyone more to get involved.”

Alongside their studies, Will and Joe have been working with our senior theatre technician, Melody Lewis, learning all about the theatre industry and skills they need to become professional technicians. Their hard work culminated this term in a performance, with set, sound and lighting design entirely by them.

Will Commented:

We chose a company of students we had worked with before and supported them to create their show. It was brilliant to tie in everything we have learned over the last two years and create an original piece of work. Mel has been a complete inspiration and we can’t thank her enough for her commitment and boundless enthusiasm and the school for this amazing opportunity.

Students are invited to apply for opening spots in Stage Crew by emailing


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