Paws for Thought

November 2nd, 2017 | School News

Sixth Form ICT students presented to Paws For Thought, a South West based company last week in hopes of winning the bid to run their Social Media campaign over the forthcoming year.

The whole marketing landscape has changed drastically in the last 10 years with the introduction of Social Media. Through social media, everyone has the potential to place a company on the map, build a brand and create a successful business.

Brand’s visibility is key to a successful campaign and students have been working on strategies to present for a local company looking to revamp their marketing.  

Students showcased their modular strategy which enables companies to create content that can be broken down and assembled in different formats, forming a much easier way to create fresh and varied content.

Marvin Grubb, teacher on this project commented:

‘This is the second year that our students will be working with a local business to develop a social media campaign.  It has been noted by universities and the CBI that young people can often lack soft skills such as leadership, initiative, communication, problem solving and organisation. There is no doubt that this project will empower our students with these essential life skills and as a result, better prepare them for the workplace.

The company  were incredibly impressed with the passion and dedication students showed to the the project and knowledge of what is a very fast paced and changing industry.

Head Teacher, Mark Everett, commented:

‘Marketing is an ever changing, exciting and diverse prospect and it is a challenge for even the experts to keep up, our students showed great initiative and tenacity whilst presenting and were brilliant representatives of the school.’

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