Students attend International European Debate

March 14th, 2017 | School News

Year 12 students from Writhlington School, attended the 2017 Bath International Schools Model United Nation conference, held at Kingswood school in Bath.

Six students, George Mills, Luke Nicholson, Eric George, Freddie Pascoe, Imogen Young and Calum Caldwell, joined students from across Europe, at the world’s largest Model UN Conference, representing Uruguay.

Each day the students separated into their separate committees, where they debated and pushed for Uruguay’s views to be heard.

Freddie Pascoe, who was on the Economic Committee said

‘It was a great insight into how modern issues are solved inside the actual UN and I would love to attend similar events in the near future’.

Imogen commented:

‘It was great fun and a very beneficial experience for my Politics A-Level’.

George Mills, who won an Award and was also Highly Commended as a Delegate by the Chair, pronounced the experience a ‘superb experience with valued discussion and high level debate’.

Mr Ruston, who organised the trip, said

‘the conference was a fantastic opportunity for students to develop confidence, debating skills, and their understanding of geopolitical issues affecting the modern world. All the students made outstanding contributions and were great ambassadors for Writhlington and Uruguay’.

The delegation would also like to thank Kingswood School for hosting the event.

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