Best in Show

March 14th, 2017 | School News

Writhlington Orchid Growers celebrate Best in Show at the South West Orchid Society.

The world renown Orchid project at Writhlington and Mendip Studio School have added another trophy to their ever growing collection as they win ‘Best in Show’ at the South West of England Orchid Show.

The orchid project grows bigger every year as students travel to Writhlington to be part of the award winning programme. With every new influx of orchid enthusiasts, small teams of students take responsibility for many of the different and rare species.

This year students presented their monster plant, Dendrobium speciosum, which has been under the expert care of Harrison Wait, Joe Weyman, Tallis Inger Flecker, Otto Johnson and Ben Weyman.

Tallis who runs the Cool Asia section of the greenhouse explained;

“The plant has been in Writhlington Orchid Collection for fifteen years but has really excelled itself this year. It is native to Australia and needs a cool winter to flower really well. This year we have put together a new growing team in the section and the plants have responded to the extra care and attention.

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