Match Report

April 19th, 2016 | Sports News

Writhlington’s game got underway against a very strong Beechen Cliff side who were playing really well with some exceptional tackles and defence. Not long into the game, Beechen Cliff scored their first goal.

Our team were 1-0 down but they kept their heads up. We managed to lose the ball from kick off we went in with a strong defence but with with legs flying everywhere, Beechen Cliff were soon awarded a free kick. From outside the box the Beechen player curled the ball with skill and precision leaving the score 2-0.

The boys were starting to panic a little, our unbeaten record was about to be tarnished. A cracking tackle by Harry Matthews saw Tom Markey play a great ball down the wing which ended with a penalty shot.

It was my chance to put the team back in the game, I stepped back and cracked the ball into the bottom corner, giving the team confidence that we could bring it back.

We now had the momentum to keep pushing on, with only three minutes to go until the first half ended, James Hare placed the ball around the defence before setting me up for another cracking equalising goal. The score 2-2! What a turn around! The whistle blew and the half ended.

Mr Naunton gave the team a great ‘Team Talk’ motivating us to give it our all in the second half, we hurried back on the pitch with determination. Both teams were playing at their absolute best, there was magnificent tackles and defense from both teams and as the game drew closer to the end, it became more and more intense. From outside the box, Ben Smith smashed the ball into the bottom corner of the goal on his weak foot bringing the score 3-2 to Writhlington with just minutes left of the game. Beechen Cliff were determined to bring the game back to a level playing field.  Mattia Senatore performed a cracking save, only for the ball to rebound back to an attacker and be placed in goal, leaving the game at the final whistle 3-3.

Writhlington Year 7 boys remained unbeaten which is a great achievement. I am very proud of our team who played with great determination and passion against a very good team.

Match Report by Will Lacey

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