Post-Apocalyptic Masterpiece

February 23rd, 2016 | Creative Arts

Writhlington Sixth Form Drama students wow audience with a post apocalyptic tale.

Audiences saw greed, desire and avarice depicted in a modern post apocalyptic contemporary version of Shakespeare’s Macbeth.

Three strange sisters prophesied that Macbeth would one day be king and driven on by his wife, Macbeth sets out to ensure the omen comes true. The actions have deadly consequences and together they start a chain of events which leads to the play’s tragic end.

The Drama students were challenged to create a piece of theatre to engage young audiences and inspire them to tackle Shakespeare with confidence. The students used donations from home and scoured websites such as Gum Tree to help bring their vision to life.

Head of Drama, James Moore said:

‘It has been really exciting to see the students taking ownership of the direction and production of the show. The set and costumes looked fantastic and the caliber of performance was remarkable.’

Students will now work towards their final end of year assessment performance.  Make sure you keep an eye out for tickets.