November 1st, 2015 | School News

Nothing can stand in the way of a Writhlington School Year 7 pupil and Henry Ford, is proving just that.

With the help and support of the local community, fundraising events and Variety, a children’s charity who match funded their efforts, Henry raised the £11,500 needed to help purchase a state of the art off-road wheelchair, allowing him to be more independent and take part in activities inaccessible until now.

The family has already enjoyed a wonderful holiday on a beach – something that was not possible when using his walking sticks or a standard wheelchair.

Henry is still learning to drive and is yet to take his new chair to school but hopes to soon enjoy the chance to play sports with his friends.

His mum, Polly said:

‘It’s amazing. Henry can now explore on his own which is great for his independence. Before he had the chair he would get frustrated watching his brother and friends play on grass or sand – now he can go faster than anyone.’

Henry was just five when the local community joined together to raise £40,000 to pay for a life-changing operation in America. Six years later the community joined together again to help enhance his life with the specialist wheelchair.