Football Match Report Writhlington School versus Millfield School

October 1st, 2015 | Sports News

On Thursday 8 October Writhlington Year 7 boys hosted Milfield in a thrilling Schools Cup Football game.

Team Captain, Will Lacey led the team onto the field, for what was a rollercoaster of a match.

Everyone showed great strength and determination and within a second of the whistle being blown Evander Grubb sprinted down the middle of the pitch and fired in a bullet of a shot! It was 1-0 and we still had 40 minutes to go.

With a real triumphant start we hurried back to the centre spot to kick off again, the ball was played across down the wing to Tom Ellis Rickets who shimmied past a player with ease and played it into Will Rawlings who placed the ball in the far right top corner of the goal! 2-0!

Once again Will Rawlings drove down the middle of the field with pace and then passed the ball neatly to Will Lacey who curled the ball beautifully into the far top left corner- the crowd erupted into cheers like a clap of thunder. The half time whistle sounded and the the score was 3-0.

In great spirits the team prepared for the second half, hoping to keep up the great defense and fierce attack. Tom Markey let the ball fly and drilled home a goal 4-0! Millfield came back with a strong attack but nothing was getting past Harry Matthews and he cleared the ball right away sending it to Will Rawlings, who did not fail to finish.

A free kick for Writhlington saw Evander Grubb score one quickly into the top corner. Tom Markey scored again and so did Will Rawlings the end score was 7-2!

A great performance by Writhlington and well deserved man of the match to Harry Matthews! Keep up the good work Year 7 Football team!

Match Report by William Lacey