Using our Parent Portal you are able to track and monitor homework that has been set for your child. As well as homework, the portal allows parents to find out about their child’s education and develop home-school links. The Parent Portal gives you access to the data we hold for your child, information about their attendance and achievements, school letters and important information.

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Gold Homeworks

Differentiated home work tasks are set across KS3. Students are set bronze home work every week in core subjects and fortnightly in foundation subjects.

Bronze homework is compulsory and each task should take 15-20 minutes to complete.

Silver home work tasks are set alongside bronze but are optional. These tasks are designed to stretch and challenge students, developing independent learning skills.

Gold home work tasks are also optional and can be found on the school’s intranet. These are often extended projects or suggestions for learning beyond the classroom such as visits to museums which could be completed as a family.

Home work is linked to the school’s reward system:

  • 1 credit for bronze home work
  • 5 credits for silver homework
  • 10 credits for gold homework

Pupils are encouraged to keep a portfolio of evidence of gold home work tasks to celebrate with their tutor on IAG days.

Documents and tasks for the Gold Homeworks can be found on SIMS Learning Gateway, to access the Gold Homework documents and tasks please visit the following links:

Students click here

Parents click here