Business And Enterprise

Business and Enterprise Learning Zone

Writhlington is a Business & Enterprise specialist school, and enterprise education lies at the centre of learning across the whole curriculum. Students learn the skills and attitudes that will equip them for their future working lives, becoming articulate, confident, flexible and adaptable individuals.

As a high-performing school, Writhlington was invited to adopt a second specialism, in Applied Learning. A priority is made on enabling students to learn through real-life situations and courses which offer practical experience.

The Business & Enterprise Learning Zone is centred around an open-plan office environment which encourages team-work and communication. Students follow a business-related course from Year 10 through to Year 13.

ICT and Maths, followed by all students from Year 7 to Year 11, are also based in the Business & Enterprise Learning Zone.

The annual Enterprise Week enables every student at Writhlington to participate in enterprise activities linked to the curriculum and develop their understanding of the world of work.

Writhlington students participate in a range of student-run businesses and social enterprises, ranging from web design to catering. These extra-currricular enterprises give students real-life experience of leading their own business.

Writhlington has established links with a wide range of partners from business. Post-16 students undertake the Chartered Management Institute (CMI) Level 2 and Level 3 courses.