Music Association

Since the Writhlington Music Association began over 26,000 has been raised enabling new music, musical instruments and equipment to be purchased.

For ten years a link has been created with the bands at Downside School, with joint concerts taking place once a year. Funds raised at these concerts are donated to local childrens charities.

Band members in both Stage Band and Senior Band are smartly dressed in concert waistcoats, giving a truly professional appearance to complement the high quality music played, with money raised by the Writhlington Music Association (WMA).

To support the music department the WMA committee meets 6 times a year. Sometimes sub-committees are formed to organise concert refreshments, fundraising, publicity, social events, etc.

Many forms of fundraising have taken place and some significant sums of money have been raised. Typical events supported by WMA have included; concerts, raffles, Kilmersdon village day, GI nights and Italian evenings.

Everbody is able to choose the type of help they give, from supplying a raffle prize to baking cakes, selling refreshments to carrying tables, chairs and instruments. There really is something for everybody to do, and we always have fun!

Since 1993 the WMA have been giving support at the brilliant concerts and other events provided by Writhlington School Bans and choirs.

Do you enjoy the concerts performed by Writhlington Bands and Choirs? Well why not join the team behind the fundraising for their music, waistcoats and instruments? To get involved, please phone 01761 433581 extension 2315 or email to join the Writhlington Music Association (WMA).



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