Creating Channels for Home School Dialogue

Homework at Writhlington School has the aim of:

  • consolidating and extending work covered in class
  • preparing for new learning activities
  • developing research skills
  • creating an opportunity for independent work
  • showing progress and understanding
  • enhancing pupil study skills e.g. planning, time management and self discipline
  • allowing pupils to take ownership and responsibility for learning
  • engaging parental co-operation and support
  • creating channels for home school dialogue

We do this by setting:

Differentiated homework tasks that are set across KS3.

  • Two Independent Learning Projects (ILPs) are set each term over the year. These are structured, extended pieces of work that last for the term and are designed to stretch and challenge students and to develop their independent learning skills. Where appropriate, students will be given a choice of tasks to select from. Teachers should carefully monitor the work that students are doing in order to complete the ILPs. Students will be awarded Bronze, Silver or Gold rewards based on the effort they put into the work and the quality of the finished product. The ILP timetable will be published on the school website. Some ILPs will also result in levelled assessment scores
  • Core subjects (English, Maths and Science) should set homework weekly when they are not timetabled to set an ILP (Bronze)
  • Foundation subjects should set homework according to their need and in line with planned assessments. This should be at least once a fortnight when they are not timetabled to set an ILP (Bronze and Silver)
  • Homework should be recorded using the online Homework Tracker. Students should also be encouraged to record homework on their iPad or the Homework App

At KS4, homework should be set according to the needs of the curriculum and in line with planned assessments. Subjects should set homework weekly.