Other Options


Are you early to school or Work? We have available from 8am a selection of Breakfast items:

  • A selection of hot and cold drinks
  • Freshly baked Croissants and chocolate Croissants
  • Bacon or Sausage baguettes
  • Hot toasted Artisan baked bread, preserves or Marmite
  • Breakfast Cereal or cereal bars


A wide and varied range of Cold and hot drinks

  • A range of drinks priced to be affordable by all
  • Waters and mineral flavoured waters
  • Branded names that are healthy and promote “5 a day”
  • Milk drinks and Thick smoothes
  • Freshly dispensed coffee, tea and hot chocolate available at all times

Fresh Salads

Prepared in our own kitchen by chefs we offer a range of Fresh Salads every day.

  • Salads are made up fresh to your personal choice
  • Choices of salad are Ham, Cheese, Tuna
  • Salads are pre-ordered at break time
  • Created with an aim of low salt, high fibre and freshness
  • Great food every day.

Traditional Choices

Cooked in our own kitchen by chefs we provide a varied choice of hot meals

  • Choices available as daily theme, roast day, international day, fish day
  • Created with an aim of low salt, high fibre and freshness
  • A choice of vegetable every day one of which is always fresh
  • Fried food is at a minimum and choices are balanced in goodness
  • Vegetarian and special dietary requirements are catered for.
  • Great food every day.

Ice Cream and Ices

A new range of School friendly Ices

  • Quality favourite names to choose from
  • Simply priced for ease of choice
  • Refreshing during hot weather

Hot Jackets

A large potato baked healthy every day.

  • Served with Tuna fish, cheddar cheese or Baked beans
  • Butter and fresh salad to accompany
  • Tasty and nutritious

From the cold counters

A superb range of Lunchtime choices, sensibly priced.

  • Sandwiches, filled rolls, Wraps, pasta salads and salads
  • Daily prepared desserts including gateau
  • Yoghurts
  • Fresh fruit
  • Choices to suite all taste buds
  • Available each day from break

Cake Table

A massive range of cakes and snacks, home baked or baked locally

  • French Croissants straight from the oven
  • Healthy High fibre and muesli fruit bars
  • Light and soft Iced Cakes
  • Giant Cookies
  • Assorted muffins, doughnuts and scones

Theo’s Chicken

Daily roasted marinated boneless chicken served with salad.

  • A wide range of flavours from Tikka, BBQ or Italian a different choice each day
  • Served with Fresh mixed salad on a wrap or Naan
  • Add lib with Yoghurt and mint, garlic mayo or hot chilli sauces to compliment.
  • Tasty, healthy and delicious

Pasta King

A wide choice of tomato based pasta sauces served with daily cooked pasta

  • Nutritionally balanced
  • No artificial ingredients, added salt or sugar
  • Choices like Meatballs, Chicken, Mediterranean vegetables are but a few
  • Locally source cheese is available to top out the dish
  • Filling, nutritious and tasty, a popular choice.